Crawl Space Encapsulation

Everyone loves to have flexibility with their finances. Maybe you’ve set a new year’s resolution to save money. Or maybe the pandemic has caused you to reevaluate your finances. It could be you don’t want to even save or tighten your belt, but prefer to have more disposable income to spend on fun things instead of bills.

Whatever your reason, there is a really easy way to reduce your heating and cooling utility bills by up to 15% without even thinking about it! (And, no, it has nothing to do with adjusting the thermostat.) Not only will your bill be lower, but your home will also be more comfortable. Encapsulate your crawlspace with Columbia CrawlSpace and watch the savings build.

Utility Seepage

See if any of these phrases are familiar…

  • “Don’t let the bought air out!”
  • “Do you think I want to heat/cool the whole outdoors?”
  • “Close the door! Were you born in a barn?”

Whether you have said these words or been chastised by a parent or spouse with these phrases, the message is the same… you’re wasting energy unnecessarily. And if your crawlspace is left defenseless, you could be “letting out the bought air” without even knowing it.

Humidity in the crawlspace means your HVAC system is competing with that humidity to keep your house comfortable. And if you have a dirt or vented crawlspace, all of that air you just spent money to make comfortable on the inside of your house is now seeping outside. But there’s a relatively easy solution: encapsulation.

Understanding the Air

The first key is to understand that the air underneath your house is the same air inside your house. Air exchange happens. If you have a vented or dirt crawlspace, you have moisture. If you have moisture, you have humidity. And if you’ve lived in Middle Tennessee for more than a week, you know with humidity comes warmer air. Humid air is much harder to regulate the temperature (especially cooling it) than dry air. So now your HVAC system is working overtime reducing the humidity in addition to maintaining the temperature. In other words, you’re spending more energy and more money to achieve the inside temperature.

Encapsulation Controls Humidity

Encapsulation is a multi-step process to provide a long-term solution and long-term savings to keep the inside of your house comfortable and healthy. The experts at Columbia CrawlSpace will provide a free inspection, customized recommendations, and an estimate as to the best way to improve your utility savings through encapsulation. 

Debris, standing water, and humidity are removed, then a seal is installed to control humidity levels, prevent pests and vermin and keep the “bought air” actually inside your home! And utility savings are just one benefit to encapsulation. Air quality inside the home will also improve. Plus, it can be a great asset if you put your home on the hot Middle Tennessee real estate market.

If you’re ready to see your utility budget decrease and free up money for other uses, contact Columbia CrawlSpace at 931-982-5310, or email