Even if you don’t use the space for storage or as functional space for your home, your crawl space will impact your living space. When moisture builds up, it creates a hospitable environment for mold and mildew growth. And when your HVAC runs, that moldy air will make its way into your living space.

Here’s how the experts at Columbia CrawlSpace recommend you waterproof and control moisture in your crawl space.

Columbia CrawlSpace Waterproof Tips and Process

As you work to protect your home’s foundation and the very air you breathe, follow these steps for proper moisture prevention.

1. Waterproof the Foundation

Waterproof the foundation with a product that has elasticity to it. You need the elasticity because block foundations often develop cracks. You need a product that will stretch and bridge a small crack for the best moisture prevention possible.

2. Install a Perimeter Drain

Then install a crawl space perimeter drain around the bottom of the crawl space. Often this drain goes on top of the footing. This perimeter drain should have a fabric sock on it and a layer of rock over that to give the water a place to go and prevent hydrostatic pressure from building up on the exterior of the crawl space. 

A perimeter drain should carry the water out well away from the house but still on the homeowner’s property.

3. Build a Positive Drainage Slope Away from the House

Finally, homeowners need to make sure that they have positive drainage sloping away from the house. Code requirements generally state that you have a 6-inch drop in a 10-foot run.

Be sure your foundation is high enough out of the ground to provide no less than 8 inches from the finished grade to any untreated wood on the exterior and a minimum of 32 inches on the inside.

Additionally, you should ensure that you elevate your HVAC pads high enough that they don’t create a basin around them. That would allow water to travel into the crawlspace.

The Best Way to Prevent Crawl Space Moisture

Crawl space encapsulation is the best way to prevent crawl space moisture. This process is thorough and will review the steps listed above. With Columbia CrawlSpace, you can get a one-stop service that includes everything from encapsulation to foundation repair. So no matter how long you’ve had moisture control problems, you can stop the problem and resolve the aftermath with one call to 931-347-1771.

Schedule your inspection now to get an estimate and take the first step toward a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable home now.