With Fall here and the weather cooling down, people are heating up their homes and animals are looking for warmth and shelter from the crisp air outside.


While it’s best to call pest control immediately, it can be helpful to know what attracts each critter and what their habits are.


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Rats, mice, and other rodents


Rats, mice, and other rodents are most likely to be found under your crawlspace this fall. They will come in looking for both shelter and food. Seeds and other things aren’t as plentiful in the Fall so they will come in looking for human and pet food to snack on. Not only will they chew on your wiring but their presence can cause a chain reaction to having a whole neighborhood of animals under your home. Snakes will show up to eat the rodents and this cycle will continue until larger animals make their way to your crawlspace.


Raccoons and opossums


Both raccoons and opossums will look for a secure living space as things start to cool off. They are prepping for a cold winter so during Fall, they are on the hunt for a warm and cozy space to live. Since they are attracted to pet food and garbage, it’s important to keep both out of reach to discourage them from finding their home under your home.


Skunks and squirrels


Skunks and squirrels are both looking for a place to house their young and stay warm. Squirrels may venture out if their supplies start running low but their ultimate goal is to find a place that’s safe, hidden, and warm. Skunks have a hard time climbing so they look for hideouts closer to the ground, really anywhere hidden and protected where they can remain all winter.




Birds are animals that you typically see in trees and while many migrate south, the ones that stay are looking for a warmer place to live. While they may not be in your crawlspace, there’s a good chance they’ll set up shop in your home. Make sure you’re checking your attic, ledges, and roof vents. They may also use fall decorations and nest-building supplies.


While these animals may be cute from afar, if they are nesting in your home it could cause damage to your property and become dangerous. Make sure to give your local animal control a call to get the situation handled by a professional.


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