Crawl spaces are very aptly named. Usually, between 1-3’ feet high, the crawl space is located between the first floor of a house and the ground. Too short in which to stand, crawl spaces must be entered by crawling or crouching.

These crawl spaces provide easy access to wiring and plumbing in homes without basements. They also provide cushioning on people’s joints. (Ever jumped or exercised in a slab basement? Ouch!) And while crawl spaces are excellent alternatives to slab foundations, they have their own set of potential problems. Maybe you have experienced some of these issues (mold, musty smell, etc.), or maybe you are trying to stave off issues before they begin. Here are three excellent reasons to encapsulate your crawl space.

Reason 1: Improved Health

The first (and a favorite) reason to consider crawl space encapsulation is for the health of the structure and health of the residents. Sealing the crawl space prevents moisture. Moisture is a breeding ground for mold, which permeates the air your family breathes. In higher-risk populations, including elderly, children, pets or those with pre-existing breathing challenges such as asthma or allergies, mold can increase breathing difficulties. With moisture in the crawl space, you may also notice a musty smell in the house, especially during sticky, humid summer months. And let’s face it, the humidity has a tendency to linger in Middle Tennessee!

Encapsulation also protects the health of your house. Reducing moisture protects the actual structure of the house (wood rot) and reduces foundation issues.

Reason 2: Pest Control

Piggybacking on the health of your house is the pest control benefit of crawl space encapsulation. By creating this tight seal, encapsulation can reduce and even prevent insect activity. This includes termites! With pests, you may see a domino effect. Insects attract spiders. And the larger the pest, the larger the predators. Nocturnal vermin such as rats, raccoon, opossums and more just love a damp, dark open space. Reduce the dampness, reduce the infestations.

Reason 3: Utility Savings

Your home is your castle and your refuge. That means it should be comfortable, including the temperature. An unsealed crawl space substantially increases your utility bills, as well as your efficiency. Even if you have a top of the line HVAC system, it’s still inefficient and working too hard if your crawl space is not encapsulated. Plus, the moisture allowed in through a crawl space can damage, destroy and undermine your insulation. To maintain a comfortable environment inside the house, it’s important to maintain a dry and clean environment under the house.

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