Some signs of a foundation problem are really obvious, like thick cracks in the floors, up the walls, or along the exterior. But did you know your house can tell you about foundation issues in other ways? And some of these lesser-known symptoms can lead to an earlier, easier fix! If you think your house is trying to tell you something, don’t panic. Foundation issues sound scary, but they don’t have to be. Contact a highly qualified, reputable company like Columbia CrawlSpace for quick diagnosis and repair.

Sign #1: Windows Stick

As the milder air moves in, windows all over Middle Tennessee are thrown open with delight. If you have a hard time opening or latching your window, it might not be a window that needs replacing. It may even seem as though they don’t fit into the frame properly. A shift in the foundation can cause gaps in the window settings.

Sign #2: Doors Jam or Won’t Operate Properly

Doors are relatively simple to operate. They should open and close smoothly, the latch should line up with the plate, it should be easy to lock and unlock. No, you’re not asking too much to have an operational door. If a door gets stuck or jammed, if you’re pushing to open or pulling and maneuvering to get it to close properly, don’t replace the entire door, casing, jamb, etc. It may be another symptom of a foundational issue.

Sign #3: Uneven Floors

Nope. It’s not your imagination. Your floor is sloped. Or sags, bows, creaks or squeaks. Or maybe it’s bouncy, almost like a trampoline in spots. Your house may be dipping lower on one side. This early symptom of a foundation problem should be addressed not only to maintain the integrity of your home, but to prevent injury, especially among small children or elderly people. Plus, it could cause damage to flooring such as tile. Though the floor may not noticeably sag, tiles could crack or break if the issue is not addressed.

Sign #4: Damp Crawl Space

Did you know standing water or even dampness in the crawl space could indicate the foundation either has problems or will soon have problems? At Columbia CrawlSpace, our name says it all. We are experts on crawl spaces, including diagnosing the root issues and repairing them. If you notice moisture or standing water, we can mitigate it, even if it’s foundation-related.

Sign #5: Counters and Cabinets

Your kitchen is a teller of tales. If your cabinets seem to be tilting or pulling away from the walls, or objects roll a little on the countertops after you set them down, your kitchen may be trying to tell you something’s not quite as it ought to be underfoot.

Sign #6: Wall Rotation

If these walls could talk, they’d tell you the crooked or fallen pictures and the nails popping out from the drywall are just more indicators that the foundation is off-kilter.

How Do I Know If I Have Foundation Problems?

Maybe now you are positive your house is trying to tell you something. The good news is that the experts at Columbia CrawlSpace speak your house’s language! We can determine the cause of the foundation issue and repair it. Contact us at 931-982-5310 or email us at Inspections and estimates are complimentary. We want to ensure the integrity of your home and the safety of your family.