If you’re buying or selling a home in Middle Tennessee, you know the market is hot and houses go fast – and for big money. You might be tempted to save time or assume everything is fine and forego the home inspection, including a crawl space inspection. After all, the house has been appraised…that’s enough, right?

Perhaps not. Regardless of which side of the transaction you’re on, buyer or seller, a crawl space inspection could put or leave money in your pocket. There’s a lot more to it than just dollar signs.

What Does a Crawl Space Inspection Entail?

A trained professional, skilled in understanding what they are looking for and what they are looking at, will go under the house in the crawl space (assuming it is cleared of debris, safe, and large enough to enter). They will evaluate:

  • Potential termite activity
  • Moisture, including current damage or potential problems
  • Mold and mildew
  • Utility wires and lines, including plumbing and electrical
  • Foundation issues
  • Signs of activity by vermin and other large pests
  • Presence of or condition of a vapor or moisture barrier
  • And more

As you can imagine, the certified inspector could identify numerous problems that could cost big money down the line and identify little ways to mitigate and prevent small issues from becoming major ones.

For the Buyer

As the buyer, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting in a home, problems included. Knowledge is truly power, especially when you’re negotiating the purchase of a house. If there are problems identified, you can either ask the seller to address the issues or negotiate the price to offset anticipated repairs.

For the Seller

Want to get top dollar for your house and speed up the closing process? Have an inspection done on the front end. Instead of being reactive to a potential buyer’s request, have the home inspection and crawl space inspection done before you even put it on the market. Yes, it’s a little money up front. But you’ll come to the table with either a clean inspection report or have the opportunity to fix little things beforehand. This can translate into bigger dollars at closing.

For Both

We all know time is money. And if you’re trying for a quick close on a realty deal, you know how fast that can go sideways if you’re awaiting an inspection or repairs based on the inspection. If you’re trying to buy a new property and sell an existing one, going into the transaction armed with knowledge makes for a much smoother transaction.

Bring in the Pros

Columbia CrawlSpace is pleased to offer crawl space inspections, complete with a detailed report and recommendations. Call 931-982-5310 or email info@crawlspacetenn.com to schedule a crawl space inspection before you buy or sell a home. Know what you’re selling. Know what you’re buying. Make the experience faster and easier for all.