Crawl Space Encapsulation

Owning a home is a big goal for most people; however, homeownership comes with certain responsibilities, including general upkeep and preventive maintenance. Whether your home is newly built or pre-loved, you want to protect it so that it can protect you and your family.


Having a home in the Southeast means dealing with specific home maintenance concerns. One of the biggest is moisture from humidity and wet weather. Due to our warmer climate, insects and other pests can also be an issue.


How do you protect your home from these problems? – Crawlspace Encapsulation


But what exactly is crawlspace encapsulation?


Simply put, crawlspace encapsulation is the process of sealing the area under your home to prevent moisture from seeping in from the ground and areas around your foundation. Because it encloses your crawlspace from outside elements, it will also reduce the likelihood of insects, like termites, as well as small animals and rodents, from making their home under your home.


There are several steps involved in crawlspace encapsulation:


  1. Have experts, like the professionals at Columbia CrawlSpace, inspect your foundation and crawlspace for existing issues, such as foundation cracks, water/moisture seepage, and signs of mold/mildew. Then we will provide recommendations for repair and protection.


  1. When we arrive to start the work, we will remove old insulation, repair any problems, and make sure the area is free from pests.


  1. Next, we will apply a new layer of insulation, usually in the form of spray foam, to seal holes, vents, and any gaps around HVAC ducts and plumbing.


  1. Then we will lay a polyethylene vapor barrier, which will cover the floor/ground and extend up the walls of the space. The barrier will be fixed in place with fasteners and sealing tape to completely encapsulate the area and ensure a secure seal.


  1. Depending on the level of humidity/moisture that is typically in your crawlspace, we may recommend a dehumidifier and/or sump pump to keep the area dry and mold/mildew free.


While some homeowners may attempt DIY encapsulation, the safest and most efficient way to protect the area under your home is to seek professional advice from experts like Columbia CrawlSpace


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