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Did you know that Columbia CrawlSpace didn’t start out as a crawl space and foundation repair company? In fact, when founder and owner Mark Stinnett first began working in the construction industry in the 1980s, “energy efficiency” and “crawl space encapsulation” were phrases virtually unheard of. Today, these two services are a core part of the company’s offerings and an essential element of homebuilding here in Middle Tennessee and throughout the U.S.

In the late 1980s, things were different! Mark Stinnett got his start in this era framing houses (a service the company still continues to offer today). His work as a carpenter soon extended to building additions and new homes from the ground up. Early in 2006, Stinnett added foam insulation to his business offerings in order to become a more energy efficient builder. Already known as a local frame carpenter, he quickly began expanding the foam business through his relationships with other builders and construction pro’s.

Spray foam insulation, at the time, was a relatively new technology for sealing homes from air and moisture intrusion. The result is better energy efficiency; increased protection from mold, allergens, and airborne pollutants; added strength to the building structure; and a reduction of capacity requirements, maintenance, and wear and tear on HVAC equipment.

That same year, Stinnett began encapsulating crawl spaces on his own projects, as well as others’ projects. Even just 14 years ago, most people had never heard of crawl space encapsulation, a process that helps establish complete control over the crawl space environment. The process begins by sealing moisture in the ground so it cannot affect the crawl space. Next, 1.5 inches of closed cell foam is installed on the foundation walls to seal cracks (as well as holes in the subfloor). Dry conditioned air is introduced into the crawl space via a supply register from the HVAC. With no dehumidifier involved, this process is more affordable and easier to maintain than many other attempts at crawl space environment control.

Developing this service, Stinnett began to notice how many poor crawl spaces there were in Middle Tennessee. In an effort to better serve homeowners, Columbia CrawlSpace was born.

During the recession of 2010, Stinnett became a weatherization contractor through a program funded by the Department of Energy, which allowed him to learn even more about how a house works and the many leaks that are present in today’s homes.

Today, this knowledge and experience has been united so that Columbia CrawlSpace can meet all the structural needs of your home, from foundation repair and moisture issues to energy-efficiency and (most importantly) your health.

By understanding the workings of the home and how and where contaminated and unconditioned air enters the home, Columbia CrawlSpace takes steps to rectify problems so that every home is a healthy home. When customers hire Columbia Crawlspace to meet their crawl space needs, they benefit from having trusted professionals that understand all facets of the home.

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