Basements are a great asset in any house! They provide additional storage space and, in some cases, additional living space. They offer protection and shelter from the severe weather Middle Tennessee often sees. Yes, basements are awesome… until they’re not.

Basements can be frustrating. Maybe you see cracks in the floors or walls. Maybe your walls show signs of mildew or – worse – mold. Or maybe you have water issues.

Oftentimes, the frustrating parts of basements are simply a result of insufficient waterproofing. If you’re building a new house or disappointed with some aspects of your existing basement, read on. These common frustrations are actually your basement’s way of letting you know it needs to be waterproofed.

A little TLC in the basement can turn it back to a healthy, functional space.

Dank, Damp Smell

Your house is lovely, inside and out. It smells clean and feels comfortable. And then you go downstairs. You’re assaulted with that dank, damp, icky smell you never can seem to place. A moldy, mildewy, damp smell is usually indicative of the presence of moisture. 

Unexplained Puddles

It hasn’t rained in a week, yet that perpetual puddle in the corner of the basement remains. Weird, right? No, this is not normal. A puddle in the basement that always seems to be there, no matter what the weather is or has been, is just one more way of your basement letting you know something is not properly sealed.

Water Stains

If your floor or walls have water stains, it could be easy to overlook them. They’re no big deal. Just paint over them, right? Well… no. The water had to come from somewhere at some time to create the stains. And chances are, it wasn’t a long time ago or a one-time occurrence. Chances are, it’s an ongoing issue that should be addressed.

Swollen or Warped Doors

The doors in your basement always seem to stick. Maybe you have to tug a little harder to get them to open. Or you have to lift up or shove to get the door to latch. Maybe the door wasn’t installed correctly. Or, perhaps the door and surrounding jamb have swelled or warped with high moisture levels in the basement.

Window Condensation

Condensation only occurs in the presence of moisture, whether inside or outside. If you have condensation on the inside of your basement windows, particularly if it is consistently or frequently there, you probably have high humidity and moisture levels in the basement.

Waterproofing the Basement

Even if you don’t necessarily see water, the presence of moisture could cause more than an unpleasant odor. It could lead to unseen issues such as foundation problems or mold, which can be hazardous to your family’s health and costly to remediate. Waterproofing your basement is a great way to get back to appreciating all that your basement has to offer, reduce pests, increase your resale value, prevent long-term damage, and avoid larger bills down the road.

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