Crawl Space Moisture Control

Though you may not spend a lot of time in your crawl space, moisture in your home’s crawl space can cause serious issues. Just because it’s not “inside your house,” doesn’t mean it’s not a serious issue. In fact, moisture in the crawl space can cause illness, increased utility bills, and damage to your home’s structure – including the interior. 

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Signs You May Have a Moisture Issue In Your Crawl Space

Common signs of a moisture issue may include:

#1 Mold in the crawlspace or home. Moisture creates the perfect environment for mold spores to proliferate. If you notice mildew, mold, or mold-like growths on the joists beneath your home or inside the home, moisture in the crawl space is a potential cause.

#2 Higher heating/cooling bills. Moisture in the crawl space can contribute to humid air inside the home. Humid air costs more to heat and cool than dry air. Insulating the crawl space or encapsulating the crawl space can prevent moisture from making its way up into your home; not only does this make your home safer, but also more energy efficient!

#3 Buckling hardwood floors. If those beautiful hardwood floors are starting to buckle, it’s often a sign of a moisture problem. And unless you have a standing pool of water in your living room, that moisture is probably coming from the crawlspace below. Act quickly to remediate the issue and save your floors!

#4 Ductwork condensation. Your home’s ductwork almost certainly travels through the crawlspace at some point. If the air in the crawl space is uncontrolled, fluctuating in humidity, then the cool air pumping through may pick up moisture. You may notice condensation on the ductwork inside your home or around the vents if you have moisture in your crawl space.

#5 Insects and pests. Termites, centipedes, slugs, and cave (or camel) crickets are just a few of the nasty critters a moist crawl space may attract. If you’re noticing these bugs in your crawl space or home, you may have a moisture issue.

Controlling Crawl Space Moisture

Our team at Columbia CrawlSpace can remediate moisture issues with our crawl space encapsulation service. Watch the video here to learn more. Additionally, spraying the crawl space with closed-cell spray foam can help with moisture issues and protect ductwork from humid air.

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