Foundation Inspection

You already know issues with your house’s foundation can create big problems or be costly if left unchecked. But did you also know there are a few simple ways to inspect the foundation yourself and catch minor issues before they turn into major headaches? Columbia CrawlSpace offers these four easy inspection tips for your home’s foundation.

1. Check the Grade

Inspect whether the ground is flat, sloped away from the foundation or towards your house. The soil should always be graded down away from the foundation. If the ground looks flat or higher than your foundation (the house is lower, in a valley,) you’ll want to consider the drainage surrounding your home. Otherwise, you could face pooling, flooding or other water damage in your foundation, basement or crawlspace.

2. Examine Foundation Walls

Examine the outside (and inside, if you have a basement) of your foundation walls for cracks. While some settling is natural, excessive settling may cause issues. If you see long vertical cracks, these indicate shifting and settling. Horizontal cracks are usually more indicative of lateral settling.

3. Internal Foundation Clues

There are other clues inside the house that may indicate foundation problems. Cracks can sometimes be seen on the inside of your home, whether along the walls, ceilings or by window or door frames. Pay close attention if they seem to appear suddenly or if doors or windows are difficult to close, open or seem off. This misalignment may be related to a foundation issue.

4. Laser Level

When your house was built, it was likely perfectly level. But gravity and erosion can create unevenness in the foundation over time. Use a laser level in your basement or crawlspace to detect uneven settling in the foundation. Move the level around to different spots. A slight difference is to be expected, but if you notice extremes in the unevenness, you could have a foundation problem.

Bring in the Pros

While inspecting the foundation could be a simple DIY project, repairing it probably isn’t. If you suspect an issue with your foundation, contact the professionals at Columbia CrawlSpace. Maybe you could repair it. But that’s a lot of time, energy and materials to spend on a maybe. Instead, make it easier on yourself and know it will be done right. A free inspection and estimate will be provided when you reach out to us at 931-982-5310 or email us at