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Columbia CrawlSpace is proud to offer Middle Tennessee the best in crawl space repair and insulation, foundation repair, driveway repair, and more. Inspections and estimates are always free.

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Smart homeowners in Middle Tennessee turn to Columbia CrawlSpace for the best in crawl space and foundation repair. Learn more about our services below.

Crawl Space

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many Middle Tennessee homes are built on crawl spaces instead of concrete slabs. Crawl spaces have typically been neglected leading to mold growth and other issues. Columbia CrawlSpace believes in taking control of your crawl space.from

Crawl Space Insulation

Moisture Control

Does your crawl space have  moisture control issues? Spray foam is the ultimate crawl space moisture control solution. Start saving money on your utility bills while adding an extra layer of protection from dangerous mold, allergens and airborne pollutants.

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Has your foundation shifted or sunk? Columbia CrawlSpace specializes in repairing damaged foundations to ensure the longevity and structural integrity of your biggest investment: your home.  dangerous mold, allergens and airborne pollutants.

Latest News

Basements v. Crawl Spaces

Do you have an area under your home but you’re not sure what to call it? Columbia Crawlspace is here to explain the difference between a basement and a crawl space!


“Columbia CrawlSpace came and gave us an estimate. They were very prompt and professional and finished in a timely manner. We are pleased with the job and would give them a high rating!! Thank you Columbia CrawlSpace” Kathy Means

“Mark and his team did a great job with our crawl space encapsulation. I appreciated his detailed answers to my questions and his willingness to explain his approach to encapsulation. The finished product is impressive!”  Murray Johns 

“Before Columbia CrawlSpace (CC) worked on my house, I wouldn’t go under the house unless it was absolutely necessary. It was dark, dusty and wet. Now it is a pleasure. It is clean, dry and brightly lit. They worked a miracle down there.” Blake


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